Universal Proportioner System

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The Universal Proportioner System covers a wide application range for Epoxy and Urethane laminating resins and coatings.


The Universal Proportioner System is the latest mix/meter dispense system from Magnum Venus Products, which draws on technology that has been successfully used in MVP systems for over 50 years while incorporating many exciting new innovations.

The Universal Proportioner System covers a wide application range for Epoxy and Urethane laminating resin and coatings. The air motor drives a heavy duty rocker arm linkage drive which drives two double acting reciprocating piston pumps. The resin side is fixed and the hardener side is adjustable, using an upper and lower screw/clamp block to set the ratio range.

Depending on desired flow rates and ratios, MVP offers a series of fluid sections and dispense guns to fit your needs. The stainless steel fluid section series includes perfluoroelastomer soft seats which are ideal for improved metering with very low viscosity hardeners.

The UPLS-1000 fluid section alone has an output range of over 4 gallons (15.14 liters) at 40 cycles per minute. Paired with the UPLS-4600 hardener fluid section, for example, and set at a 3:1 ratio, would total 5.4 gallons (20.44 liters) per minute.

Standard on most systems is the user-friendly Pro Recirculation Gun. This allows an easy way to purge air out of the system during material container change, ratio checks, shut-down and start-up procedures with no material waste.

The MVP Advanced Design Group designed an ideal gun to use with this system — the High-Volume Automatic 1:1 Pro Gun. The stainless steel head with hardened 440 stainless steel valve rod comes standard with a new glass filled Teflon valve rod seals. For lower flow rates, and applications that require a hand held gun, the classic 1:1 Pro Gun, with years of proven reliability behind it, is the gun to use.

Additional information

Fluid sections:

– UPLS-1000: 23.51 C.I./Cycle hardened seats or stainless steel
– UPLS-4600: 9.67 C.I. /Cycle hardened seats or stainless steel
– UPLS-2300: 4.82 C.I./Cycle stainless steel only
– UPLS-2400: 4.95 C.I./Cycle hardened cylinder only

Note: UPLS-2400 is used only with another UPLS-2400, and is for Urethane resin systems with an added special cartridge packing configuration.


With two of the same fluid section listed above: 1:1 to 3.1:1 by volume

– UPLS-1000 & UPLS-4600: 2.43:1 to 7.5:1
– UPLS-1000 & UPLS-2300: 4.8:1 to 15:1
– UPLS-4600 & UPLS-2300: 2:1 to 6:1


At 100 psi supply air, run at 60 psi, 40 cycle/min.

– 10” – 72 SCFM
– 7” – 37 SCFM
– 5” – 25 SCFM


  • Pneumatic shot size control
  • Heaters and heated hoses
  • Auto Level Control
  • Flow meters
  • Gravity feed containers
  • Pressure feed pumps
  • Innovator Plus PLC Control Box