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Helical and Chop/Hoop winding system designed for pipe to large diameter tank manufacturing.

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  • Computer control winding functions including Helical, Hoop, & Chop
  • Easy-to-operate HMI screen system
  • Built-in material monitoring for significant savings

Versatility to meet your future demands: The Magnum Venus Products programmable Ultra-Winder is one of the most versatile filament winders on the market today. Modularly constructed to grow with your changing production needs, both chop-hoop and helical winding of various pipes and tanks can be performed by this computer-controlled machine.

Designed for maximum ease of use and fast shop floor integration, multiple menus guide operators through the sequential application of materials. You can achieve real savings on every part, every time. Built-in automation reduces labor costs while material monitoring cuts costly waste.

We can customize to meet your production needs. The complete system can include options for applying surface veil; chopped liners; sprayed resin systems; hoop winding strands; helical winding strands; unidirectional tape; woven roving tape; pigmented resin or wax-resin surfaces; gelcoats; epoxy resins; vinyl ester resins… and more. No other winder offers as many capabilities.

Standard features and options include: chop, spray or wet bath, sand delivery, roll goods applicator, delivery, multiple spindles, collapsible and non collapsible mandrels, dual mandrel drive units, curing and mandrel prep stations, extraction machines, composite saw and calibration machines and more.

Give us a call today for your custom winding analysis!

Additional information

System Includes:

– Automatic Computer Control
– Roll Goods Applicator
– Winding Glass Rack
– Material Monitoring
– Pumping System
– Wet Bath
– Auto Roll-out Assembly

Output Capabilities:

– Resin: Up to 30 lbs./min. (13.6 kg)
– Chopped Glass: Up to 8 lbs./min. (4.9 kg)
– Hoop Wind Glass: Up to 18 lbs./min. (8.2 kg)
– Catalyst Ratio: 0.5% to 1.25% (0.4% – 2.2% with mid-range pump)

Physical Equipment Specs:

– Mandrel Diameter: 2 inch (50.8mm) – 16.4 feet (5m)
– Mandrel Length: 20 ft. (6.1 m)
– Maximum standard: 40 ft. (12.2 m) (Optional)

Electrical Requirements:

380/480 Volts, 60 amp. Three phase, 50/60 Hz

Air Requirements:

Standard: 70 CFM

Average Shipping Information:

(Options to 40 ft.) Shipping dimensions dependent upon final configuration. MVP Inside Sales will advise on order.


  • Cantilever Mandrel Drive Assemblies
  • Head and Tailstock Supported Drive Assemblies
  • Collapsible and non-collapsible Mandrel Assemblies
  • Worker Platform
  • Mandrel/Part support and Transportation Cart Assemblies