Solid & Collapsible Mandrels

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Small to large diameter and lengths of mandrel assemblies


Standard mandrels are designed to your particular specifications and many include any diameter or length that can be shipped legally from our factory.  For mandrels 600mm (24″) and above, the mandrels have a quick release pneumatically powered collapsing shell with special peeling action that makes separation of the part quick and easy.  A single break line with close fitting machine cut allows parting film to bridge the crack without the usual additional prepping of the mold.  This allows a part that appears to be made on machined and ground molds.  The mandrels are constructed by assembling water jet cut ribs on the center shaft.  The final OD of the ribs are then machined ground to the required OD.  After this, the sheet metal skin is applied and painted.  An additional option of a flat bottom or dome shaped end can be added to the cantilevered mandrel end.  This mandrel bottom/top will collapse around the knuckle and would be provided with pneumatic blow out holes for ease of part extraction/removal.