Reactive Additive Manufacturing (RAM)

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Large-scale thermoset additive manufacturing

RAM (Reactive Additive Manufacturing) is the world’s first and only large-scale thermoset additive manufacturing machine enabling 3D printing of thermoset materials for prototype and production parts.


RAM allows for the widest range of applications including low-cost fixtures, tools, and autoclave molds for variety of industries such as Marine, Tub and Shower, Automotive, and Aerospace. With a current print area of 16’ x 8’ x 3.5’, the machine has the ability to produce large-scale parts, in various resolutions, with its unique thermoset material chemistries and pumping system. The patent pending removable table decreases cycle time and streamlines post processing with its indexing ability.

Thermosets contain polymers which chemically react in the curing process to form a powerful bond. Thermoplastics require heat to soften pellets to become more fluid, therefore need cooling time to cure. The thermoset advantage lies in the cross-linking of polymers between printed layers resulting in stronger, more thermo-tolerant products. Compared to thermoplastic reinforced fiber materials, thermoset materials significantly increase z-layer strength, even without the use of reinforced fibers, decreasing thermal expansion and optimizing isotropic expansion. Thermoset materials also allow for increased tool path freedom as printing can occur between previously deposited soft materials resulting in significantly shorter layer times. Energy consumption in thermoplastic additive manufacturing has been shown to be equivalent to injection molding, whereas reactive additive manufacturing requires even less energy as there is no heated chamber or heated table.

Additional information

Build envelope:

16’ x 8’ x 3.5’ (scalable sizes available)

Print speed:

up to 50 in/sec

Deposition rate:

≤ 60 lbs/hr


commodity and precision materials available

Print head:



proprietary software with touchscreen


light curtain



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