End Bell Equipment

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The End Bell Machine is designed to automate the process of chopping tank end domes.


This machine is suited for end caps according to customer provided drawing or diagram. This machine would provide the ability to apply chopped glass and resin onto many shaped end domes including, flats bottoms, elliptical, hemispherical and cones. Automation of the gun movements allows a high degree of control over the wall thickness and consistency of the part, thus reducing rejects due to part failure in the field. Less material is generally required to produce each part due to the close tolerance achieved through automation.

The End Bell machine requires a circular mold rotating under the chopper gun carriage. The carriage is moved along a rail that is curved around the knuckle radius of the end dome. Speed of the carriage is control by a Programmable Logic Controller. The operator inputs variables describing the shape of the part to be chopped. From this information the gun is controlled to produce a consistent part thickness across the entire laminate. All variables are inputted at a machine mounted control station. A touch screen operator input station with built-in PLC is included in the control system of the machine.

System would include the SV resin dispense and chop unit. Chopped glass and resin dispense systems are mounted on a rail that this machine controls and traverses over the customer supplied molds. This machine will at any time report actual consumption of chopped glass, resin and filler.

Standard machine is capable of manufacturing end domes up to 6.5 feet (2M) in diameter.