Pipe ID Coupler Saw

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This machine cuts a thick wound pipe into sections of 30 or 33 cm (12″ – 13″) as required.


In addition to cutting the pipe into sections, this machine will also cut the internal grooves for the O rings to go in as per designed profile. Pipe is held in a trolley and cut through to the desired length with a diamond tipped cutter. The internal groves for the o-ring, along with chamfering the ends, would allow for an easier fit to the prepared pipe ends as prepared from the calibration saw.

The Coupler Saw will cut to length while cutting internal groves for o-ring designs. After each cut, the part is removed and the pipe section would be repositioned in the saw for the next cut. The composite wound parts are placed onto this machine and secured into place by placement of lock down roller supports. These supports are adjustable to accommodate sizes of up to 2M (6.5-ft.) in diameter. Each individual saw has a dust collection system. The dust from the cutting action is collected at one central location to ease the maintenance and operation of this machine.