Catalyst Alarm

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Eliminate waste, control cost, and create higher quality parts

MVP’s catalyst alarm will signal if the catalyst pump fails to deliver a full portion of catalyst to the gun, ensuring an accurate mix ratio every time. This product is certified by NRTLs as safe for general use in explosive environments.



  • Sensor design measures the presence of catalyst flow to avoid under-catalyzed or non-catalyzed parts
  • Gaps in catalyst flow may suggest seal wear and help avoid exposed catalyst
  • Provides peace of mind and increased efficiency when training operators
  • Microprocessor avoids false alarms
  • Applicable on all mix ratios
  • Works with signal from powerhead or gun
  • Standalone remote siren or optional visual alarm alerts operator
  • Does not require regular adjustment
  • Bright indicator lights show failure type making it easy for the operator to diagnose
  • Automatically arms when spraying starts and disarms when spraying stops

Additional information


6in x 2.5in x 2in


5.25 lbs

Voltage Tolerance:

100/240 VAC 50/60 HZ

Maximum Working Fluid Pressure:

2500 PSI

Maximum Fluid Temp:

1000F / 370F (537C / 187C)

Wetted Parts:

316 SS

Maximum Altitude:

2000 m

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating:


Pollution Degree: