Cartridge Filling Station

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Our customers have the potential to realize 40-60% on material savings by filling their own reusable cartridges.


  • Cartridge dispensing technology for bulk material
  • Dispenses most non-spacer bead adhesives with a viscosity between 40,000 and 1,400,000 cPs
  • Fills up to three 10:1 cartridges per minute
  • Gives customers freedom to continue using their current adhesive or sealant without the constraints of material packaging

Cartridge dispensers are an effective tool for applying bonding or sealing agents in hard to reach areas. Whether the material is being applied to a corner of a trailer or the ceiling of a bus, cartridges help manufacturers where bulk dispensing is inconvenient or difficult. Cartridge dispensers also protect the bottom line for our customers as prefilled cartridge costs continue to rise. Magnum Venus Products proudly introduces a better, more cost-effective solution; the MVP Cartridge Filling Station.

Additional information

Output Capabilities:

1 lb/min – 3 lbs/min (.452 kgs/min – 1.35 kgs/min)

Avg. Air Consumption:

25 – 30 CFM (0.7-0.8 m³/min)

Mixed Ratio:

10:1 & 1:1

Available Pump Ratio:


Maximum Air Input Pressure:

100 psi (7 bar)