Pipe End Calibration Saw

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The Cut & Rectify machine is designed and constructed for the proper preparation of GRP/FRP pipe ends. This system is to provide GRP/FRP pipe ends for joining couplers or bell & spigot ends.


This system would allow pipe end cutting and calibration of both pipe ends simultaneously. Pipe profiles would need to be pre-determined. Actual pipe end design should be supplied by the customer. MVP would then design the system to saw to desired pipe end profiles.

Equipment suitable for the cutting of pipe at the required length, complete with grinding wheels for machining and for the chamfering of pipe ends.

This machine would provide two diamond blade saws. One is fixed at the headstock location of the pipe, and the other is mounted on a rail system to allow for different length pipe sections. This system would then allow variable cut pipe lengths up to 12M (39-ft.) trim of the composite tubes. The composite wound parts are placed onto this machine and secured into place by placement of lock down roller supports. These supports are adjustable to accommodate sizes of up to 2M (6.5-ft.) in diameter. Each individual saw has a dust collection system. The dust from the cutting action is collected at one central location to ease the maintenance and operation of this machine.

Additional information

Mandrel Diameter:

24 inch (600mm) – 79 inch (2M)

Mandrel Length:

Variable up to 40 feet (12M)