55-Gallon Putty 2000 Chop Check System

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MVP’s Chop Check Putty Systems are efficient units that provide a precise, steady flow of material to your product.


  • Chop Check fluid section design
  • Pre-loads high viscosity material efficiently
  • Hardened Nitrotech rods and cylinder
  • Ideal for syntactic style putties
  • Cuts production time and material waste
  • Reduce labor by 33%
  • Easy to use – easy to maintain
  • Defined putty spray pattern
  • High quality durable components

The Chop Check Fluid Section design makes the Magnum Venus Products (“MVP”) Putty Chop Check the total solution for your putty needs.

This unit is designed to save you money, cut production time, lower material waste and reduce labor. How? The Putty Chop Check provides only the amount of putty you need, reducing material waste normally encountered with hand mixing.

Operators can now dispense in cramped areas. The Putty Chop Check unit includes an operator-friendly gun designed for rapid application of low to high viscosity putties. Consistent metering and mixing can also be achieved at the gun for easy use and efficient productivity.

NEW! The Putty Chop Check unit now features hardened nitrotech rods and a hardened cylinder. MVP’s famous high quality and durable components are integral throughout. As well as safety override valves are standard on all units.

Additional information

Output Capabilities:

4 lbs/min – 16 lbs/min (1.8 kgs/min – 7.3 kgs/min)

Avg. Air Consumption:

25 – 30 CFM (0.7- 0.8 m³/min)

Catalyst % Range:

0.5% – 2.5% by volume

Available Pump Ratio:


Maximum Air Input Pressure:

100 psi (7 bar)


  • Booms
  • Auto Guns
  • BPO System