Save costs with preventive maintenance on an MVP pump system
23 January 2023

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Whether you have a new MVP pump system, or one that is a few years old: There will come a time when maintenance of your MVP pump system needs to be done. Malfunctions and downtime of an MVP pump system is the last thing you want.

Consequences of overdue maintenance
The parts in your MVP pump system become dirty and wear through use. This can cause a defect or leak, causing a malfunction and the pump system to stop until the problem is resolved. This brings unexpected repair costs. In addition, the production process is hindered by a stationary pump system. By using a service program, this can be virtually prevented. The pump system is regularly checked and cleaned, so that wear on parts is noticed in time and can be replaced immediately.

Cost savings and longer life
Besides more safety, an additional advantage is that a service program contributes to cost savings for your MVP pump system. Did you know that a lot of costs can be saved by having various components of your pump system periodically checked, cleaned and replaced preventively? Your pump system will therefore last longer and ensure that there are hardly any repairs and downtime.

Different service programs
The number of maintenance visits on an MVP pump system depends on the use of the pump system. That is why we offer multiple service programs. These are: Basic, Standard, Premium and Enterprise. All these service programs have their own strengths. When you choose a service program, we come several times a year (depending on the chosen service program). Together we schedule the maintenance appointments on the working days that suits best for both of us.

Flexible rate per maintenance
The time we spend on the work that has to be done during a maintenance service can vary from time to time. That is why we opt for a flexible rate per service. You always pay for the first hour per maintenance service (we always need this as a minimum). After that, the rate is calculated per quarter of an hour.

Get in touch with us
It is possible to take out a service program with us for the maintenance of your MVP pump system. This is not a difficult job, you just need to know which contract suits you best. We can help you with this! We can advise you which service program is best for your MVP pump system, so that you will not be faced with any surprises. Want to read more information about our service programs? Read all info here. Would you rather talk to us about the service programs, please contact us.