CT Platon exists 50 years and would like to thank you for this!
1 September 2021

You may have heard it through the online media: This year CT Platon exists half a century! The company was founded 50 years ago in Papendrecht. Now, with a wonderful anniversary, we carry out our work from a fantastic building in Werkendam. You contributed to that and we want to thank you for that.

Thank you for your trust, commitment and loyalty. Partly because of this, we can celebrate this milestone. Because as a company you don’t grow alone, but together. Real success comes from the circle of employees, customers, passion and mutual respect. That is the driving force. You are a valuable link in this circle and we are extremely grateful for that.

From 1971 to 2021

Perhaps you have had a pump system for years and you can still remember the very beginning, there in Papendrecht. In the years that followed, we moved to Dordrecht, back to Papendrecht and from there to our current address in Werkendam. Maybe you joined a little later, when Nico & Bas took over. Perhaps you only recently became acquainted with our organisation, the brand and the possibilities and your signature on the purchase contract is still wet.

It doesn’t matter to us. Everyone gets the same genuine, hospitable treatment. You are not a number to us, but a face. We know your name, your story and your wishes. Because by working together, by being able to share our enthusiasm and enormous passion with you, it only gains real value. That is what makes our profession so beautiful, so that the years have flown by.

Thank you for your rock-solid confidence in CT Platon. Of course we will continue to welcome you in the coming years. On to the next 50 years!