Annual Review 2023
19 December 2023

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2023 was a year with many highlights. In this post we look back on the past few months.

12 January 2023: Innovative Light RTM also possible for the transport industry!
23 January 2023: Save costs with preventive maintenance on an MVP pump system
10 February 2023: An impression of the demo day in October 2022
23 February 2023: Processing method: Open-mold techniques
18 April 2023: Processing method: Closed-mold techniques
17 May 2023: What is a Composite?
13 June 2023: Our webshop has been updated!
19 July 2023: Long term shutdown of your MVP Pumping System
8 August 2023: Start-up your UltraMAX pump system after the holidays
31 August 2023: Our new employee Michel Snap!
18 September 2023: This makes us happy!
20 September 2023: Work in progress. Installation of 3 spraying robots!
28 September 2023: Advantages and disadvantages of composites
31 October 2023: How to Spray Fiberglass
27 November 2023: Sustainability
30 November 2023: Last spraying robot of the 3 spraying robots installed

At CT Platon we are curious what 2024 will bring. We would like to surprise you next year with beautiful blogs and messages that inspire you to work better, easier and more pleasantly and that keep you informed of the latest developments within our company.