Annual Review 2022
14 December 2022

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2022 was a year with many highlights. In this blog we look back on the past few months.

12 January 2022: First spraying robot is being built at our customer
26 January 2022: Easily order online from the CTP shop now
28 February 2022: Establishing a Spray Fan
2 March 2022: How it’s Done: Spraying Robot
27 March 2022: Spray Mix Testing
20 April 2022: Delighted to return to JEC World
13 May 2022: Colleague Brian Stuij married
23 May 2022: Metals make way for Adhesives in Manufacturing
29 June 2022: The Use Of Composites Is Rocketing In The Aerospace Industry
18 July 2022: Long term shutdown of your MVP Pumping System
12 August 2022: Start-up your UltraMAX pump system after the holidays
28 September 2022: The Fast Flow LRTM Process to Speed Closed Mold Part Production
19 October 2022: MVP Launches Novel Seal for Closed Molding Applications Eliminating Single-Use Sealant Tapes and Reducing Waste
28 October 2022: Demo day: Innovations in the closed mold process!
10 November 2022: Dow and MVP introduce the next generation of Fast Flow Light RTM
23 November 2022: An interview with our colleague Colin Stuij

At CT Platon we are curious what 2023 will bring. We would like to surprise you next year with beautiful blogs and messages that inspire you to work better, easier and more pleasantly and that keep you informed of the latest developments within our company.