Annual Review 2021
15 December 2021

2021 was a year with many highlights. In this blog we look back on the past few months.

28 January 2021: There he goes – interview with our director / colleague / father Bas Stuij who is going to enjoy his retirement!
25 February 2021: Open Molding
24 March 2021: An interview with our colleague Brian Holleman
29 April 2021: An automated addition to the company!
27 May 2021: An interview with our colleague Jolande van Barneveld
7 June 2021: In memoriam: Nico van Mourik
11 June 2021: Reached 100 followers on LinkedIn
24 June 2021: Advantages of Closed Molding in Precision Part Production
14 July 2021: Long term shutdown of your MVP Pumping System
5 August 2021: Start-up your UltraMAX pump system after the holidays
1 september 2021: CT Platon exists 50 years and would like to thank you for this!
22 September 2021: Recently we have a new meeting room in our building
7 October 2021: Our new product catalog is online!
25 October 2021: Save costs with preventive maintenance on an MVP pump system
6 November 2021: We are featured in the episode of How It’s Done
25 November 2021: An interview with our colleague Dennis Stuij

At CT Platon we are curious what 2022 will bring. We would like to surprise you next year with beautiful blogs and messages that inspire you to work better, easier and more pleasantly and that keep you informed of the latest developments within our company.