Annual Review 2020
8 December 2020

Last year was a year full of news, beautiful things and less pleasant events. We summarize all our news of the year 2020 in this overview. What stood out? What do we remember? What do we prefer to forget very quickly? You can read it in the comprehensive annual overview.

3 January 2020: Start-up your UltraMAX pump system after the holidays
13 January 2020: New Year’s reception at CTP
28 February 2020: Product breakdown: what it is, and why you should be using it?
25 March 2020: Measures due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)!
28 April 2020: Our MVP Metering System
14 May 2020: How are things going?
23 June 2020: Our new employee Marc Zuur!
25 June 2020: Save costs with preventive maintenance on an MVP pump system
1 September 2020: CT Platon exist 49 years!
15 October 2020: Ability to request a rental machine on our website.
29 October 2020: An interview with our colleague Brian Stuij
26 November 2020: MVP Launches Fast Flow LRTM Process to Speed Closed Mold Part Production

At CT Platon, we are curious about what 2021 will bring. In any case, we hope to surprise you again next year with beautiful blogs that inspire you to work better, easier and more pleasantly.