An interview with our colleague Jolande van Barneveld
27 May 2021

Who are you?
I am Jolande van Barneveld, I have been working at CT Platon BV since August 1986. At the time I was hired as a secretary due to a pregnancy of a friend. I am now “part of the furniture”. It is sometimes joked that they moved me with chair and all during the 2 removals. I have seen Dennis, Colin and Brian Stuij grow up from childhood and now the oldest 2 are my boss 😊.​

What exactly do you do within CTP?
After about 9 years as a secretary, I got the opportunity to do the financial administration. I had to do the MBA (Modern Business Administration) course of 1.5 years. In a smaller company, such as CT, your activities are not limited to one function. You do what is needed at that moment. So every now and then I also pack an order, or, if I have time, I deal with GDPR / H&S etc.

Which activities give you energy?
Well, to start with, the car ride to work through the beautiful National Park De Biesbosch (if it is not slippery or dark 😉) is pretty zen. No traffic jams but beautiful views. At work, I always enjoy being involved with the latest news and current events of the market and our activities. I also like to think along with organizational and economic issues and the development of solutions.

What do you think is important in customer contact and how do you put the customer first?
It is important that a customer always feels heard and taken seriously. If you have a urgent question, I will always try to help immediately or at least have a colleague contact you as soon as possible. I have known quite a few people over the years and I like to have a chat. You can also get me on the phone for outstanding invoices, but I will keep it casual.

How do you find balance in work and private life and where do you find relaxation?
Balance is not that difficult for me, I have been working part-time at CT for years now. I don’t have a regular hobby for relaxation, but coffee/lunches/dinners with family/friends, dance/gym, fashion, reading, tinkering, (computer) games/puzzles make me happy.