An interview with our colleague Dennis Stuij
24 November 2021

Who are you?
My name is Dennis and I am 41 years old. I have completed the courses LTS/VMBO electrical engineering and mechanic high-current installations, hydraulics, pneumatics, diesel engines. After school I started working/learning. This was at the Eneco training school, a training of 2 years. I completed this as a mechanic high-current installations. I then continued to study for the first mechanic, but unfortunately I was not able to complete this.

After these courses I worked for a number of years in construction at Van der Leun and Hartkoorn Elektro. After that I started working in yacht building at Neptune Marine. Here I did the electrical part of the ship. This also included the test sailing. A ship of 13.5m with 65 km/h over the water. Those were good times.

My ambition to work at CT Platon has always been there. Very diverse work. Thinking along with the customers and advising in the service. A day is never the same. When my father took over, I joined 2 years later. And now, 16 years later, I have taken over the business, together with my brother.

What exactly do you do within CTP?
At CT Platon I am involved in service, sales and advice. All things that come with running a business.

Which activities give you energy?
I like to think along in coming up with solutions and looking for improvements for the customers. And when this comes to a success, that’s absolutely great.

What do you think is important in customer contact and how do you put the customer first?
Following up on questions and finding solutions. Then also carry out these to achieve the right success.

How do you find balance in work and private life and where do you find relaxation?
When you do your work with a good feeling, there is automatically a balance between work and private life. In addition, I find my relaxation in my 2 daughters (although this can also lead to stress, haha). I also like sports. Cycling, mountain biking, and water sports are things I enjoy doing.