An interview with our colleague Colin Stuij
23 November 2022

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Who are you?
My name is Colin Stuij, 38 years old and I have done an ICT course in the past. After my ICT training I wanted to continue in network management and through my internship I could immediately start at my internship company. After a period of time I was already asked by my father who was director of CTP. The bottom line was that if I wanted to work in the company I needed an electrical background, so I started as an electrician and did this for several years. Until the moment came that I could work for my father in the company as a service technician.

In the beginning this was a lot of learning and working with the other mechanics to get to know the world of polyester as quickly as possible. Soon I was able to go out alone and I was able to really find my way within this niche market and from service technician I also started to develop myself into a service/sales employee and have done this for many years. I got to know great companies and people with whom I still maintain good contact to this day.

I have been able to take over the company together with my brother Dennis for 4 years now and we are continuing this family business.

What exactly do you do within CTP?
Within CTP I am a all-rounder! The basis is, of course, still repairing our built machines, providing service, but I am also fully involved in the sale of the units and we also do a lot of process development. Process development is something we are less known for, but this is one of our strengths.

Which activities give you energy?
The diversity of the work gives me energy. We are a small company and therefore every day is different. The possibilities are endless within our company, such as visiting customers, repairing, giving training/courses, traveling abroad, giving advice to improve processes and office work. As a result, the work is never boring.

What do you think is important in customer contact and how do you put the customer first?
It is important to me that the customer feels heard and that he can always speak to you. At CTP, we try to offer a good service, so that they can be satisfied when we discuss ideas together to come to the right solutions. Choosing the right process for the customer is important, but also daring to indicate when something is actually too difficult. Honesty and transparency are important in our field.

How do you find balance in work and private life and where do you find relaxation?
It is always difficult to find a balance between work and private life in a family business. luckily, I have the ideal people for that within my family. Once at home I do feel that I can let go of work with my wife and children. Very occasionally I want to say too much at home and then my wife intervenes. I also love to watch series or movies with my wife and children. I have been playing football for years in a team of friends from which I can really get a lot of relaxation, and recently I also became the manager of my son’s football team.