An interview with our colleague Brian Stuij
29 October 2020

Who are you?
My name is Brian Stuij and I am 30 years old. I have followed several educations over the years. My most recently completed education is the Bachelor Communication & Multimedia Design at the Hogeschool Utrecht. After completing this education, I started at CTP where my father and brothers were already working. Nevertheless, I also wanted to look further and started working at several companies. Eventually I returned to CTP as a commercial employee where I am mainly responsible for the Online, Media & Sales.

What exactly do you do within CTP?
As mentioned before, as a commercial employee at CTP I am mainly engaged in Online, Media & Sales. I manage our social media channels, website, e-mail newsletters, etc. In addition, I also try to make fun and catchy digital / print communications (handy, such a graphic design background). I also prepare quotations, keep track of customer data, process orders and so on.

Which activities give you energy?
I get a lot of energy from inventing and developing new things. For example, since this year we have been offering service programs with CTP. I have set this up for the most part.

What do you think is important in customer contact and how do you put the customer first?
I think it is important in customer contact that the customer is approached in a friendly manner and that he is helped as quickly as possible. As far as I am concerned, customer contact does not always have to be very businesslike. Rather a conversation with a smile, than just be serious.

How do you find balance in work and private life and where do you find relaxation?
The balance between work and private life can be arranged very well at CTP. When I get home, the relaxing starts. I like sports. I play football and I regularly go running. I also love diving and I enjoy working with graphic design as a hobby. Finally, I also love to watch movies. So relaxing after work or at the weekend works out pretty well. 😉