An interview with our colleague Brian Holleman
24 March 2021

Who are you?
My name is Brian Gordon Holleman, I am 48 years young. After obtaining my MAVO diploma, I had it with school and took a sabbatical to see what I wanted to learn further. However, after six months of doing packaging work at a mail order shop, I was able to go work with my uncle who had started a new company in Valves and Instrumentation. One of the brands my uncle represented was Platon Instrumentation. After a while the then English Holding of CTP wanted CT Platon to represent the brand itself and so I went to CTP.

What exactly do you do within CTP?
My official title is Administrative / Commercial Assistant, but I do many things. If you call the company, chances are you’ll get me on the phone first. I enter the orders received (be it by phone / email / whatsapp) into the computer, pack the orders and prepare them for invoicing. I also do the purchases, unpack the incoming goods and process them in the computer after assessing the corresponding purchase invoice. I also make quotations, but also load / unload trucks. I can help in the workshop with making hose sets. I am also very good at taking sprayguns apart for example, but I am not so good at putting them together so I always leave that to colleagues. I am also officially the Company Emergency Response Worker, but since my colleagues adhere for 110% to the Working Conditions Rules, my activities in that area are 0%.

Which activities give you energy?
That is when a big shipment from one of our suppliers arrives around 11 a.m., and all parts are in place in stock or ready for shipment to our customers by 2 p.m.

What do you think is important in customer contact and how do you put the customer first?
I hope that the customer is always satisfied, if that is not the case then I hope that the customer is satisfied after our contact. I think the customer is happiest if he has his parts delivered quickly, and I (but also my colleagues) do a lot to achieve that.

How do you find balance in work and private life and where do you find relaxation?
I find the most relaxation when I settle in on the couch after dinner watching TV-series or movie. Occasionally I like to drive to Germany to put “the pedal to the metal”.