An automated addition to the company!
26 February 2024

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This spraying robot works together with your staff

The production process is coming under increasing pressure. We have noticed that technical personnel are becoming more difficult to find, which means that there is great pressure on the current technical personnel. How can we ensure that current pressure on staff is easing? And how can we ensure that the speed of the production process nevertheless increases? Our answer: Our spraying robot!

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Our robot is not a substitute for personnel

Often confusion arises when purchasing a robot. Because it comes up whether the robot is a replacement for the staff ?! Our answer to that: NO! We don’t want that and that is not possible either!

Technical personnel at a company are extremely important. They have the knowledge of producing the products. You should not want to replace those people at all. That is why we strive for a future where staff will work together with a robot! A robot can do a lot by itself, but will still have to be operated by a staff member.


Always a collaboration on the work floor

During the production process you will soon be working on several things with several people at the same time. And that for one product! Something that can cause problems with the decreasing technical staff. By purchasing a robot you solve this problem. For example, the robot starts spraying glass / resin, the staff member can roll it out immediately afterwards.

This provides the following benefits for the company and the staff:

  • Time is being saved so that other things in the production process can be worked on
  • As a result, more attention can also be given to the other activities of the production process
  • The workload decreases, while the same (or perhaps even better) production can be done

The robot has many different options

Our robot can be programmed by self-learning. Self-learning programming is simple and practical, thanks to the use of an ergonomic joystick. It comes with an industrial touch screen PC for practical and intuitive management of all machine functions. The robot can be produced with different arm lengths, which are built with very light but strong materials and are pneumatically balanced to achieve high maneuverability during the programming phase. In addition, it can be integrated with multiple automatic devices, such as a station carousel system.

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Our robot is the means, but the goal is your business efficiency

Then the only question for you remains: What next? We also have an answer to that.
We want our robot to help with a more efficient business process. That is why we would like to visit you to discuss all possibilities and options with you. Think for example: Do you want to spray glass / resin with the robot? Do you need a carousel system? What is the best place for the robot within the company? etc. It is different for every company. Once all possibilities and options have been discussed and approved, the implementation of the robot will start within your production process. A change, but focused on the future!

So plan an appointment soon, because with our knowledge and expertise about the robot and your experience within the company, we will find the best solution together.

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