7 reasons why you should rent a pump system
31 January 2024

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Companies often face the choice: purchase a pump system or opt for renting? It’s a common question when specific equipment is needed for a project, and this decision can have significant implications for a company. If you want to understand why renting might be the best option, explore the benefits of renting equipment here.

1. Price

One of the most common reasons to rent a pump system instead of buying is related to costs. The purchase of a pump system can quickly amount to €10,000. Opting to rent a pump system means you only pay for the period you actually need the system. Good news for your wallet!

2. Flexibility

Every job is often unique. In some cases, you might need an additional pump system temporarily. Would you then proceed to purchase a pump system? No, of course not! It would be a waste to acquire a machine that remains unused for the majority of the year. To avoid having to buy various pump systems, it is wiser to rent the most suitable system for the specific task you need to perform at that moment.

3. Speed

Do you urgently need a pump system? If you choose to rent one, that can be done quickly. In the case of a purchase, you have to consider the delivery time. So, if speed is essential, it is wise to rent a pump system.

4. Always a pump system in good condition

If you choose to rent a pump system, you can trust that you are always working with a pump in good condition. Rental providers do not supply worn-out or poorly maintained pumps to their customers. This brings us to the next reason to rent a machine: no concerns about maintenance.

5. Maintenance

The idea that you don’t have to perform any maintenance on your rental machine is not entirely true. Daily maintenance must be carried out to ensure the pump runs smoothly. This includes, for example, daily startup and shutdown procedures. However, the larger maintenance of the pump is spared when you rent it. That means less effort and lower costs!

6. Customized Advice and Service

Renting composite pump systems is a specialized skill! We are true experts and provide expert advice on which pump is most suitable for your project, including all the necessary equipment. We are always ready to brainstorm with you and ensure the pump is delivered to the desired location. If something goes wrong unexpectedly, we handle on-site repairs or replace the pump.

7. Renting is Sustainable

By renting, you always have access to the right pump at the right time. Once you no longer need the pump, someone else can make use of it. This contributes to a sustainable sharing economy. Together, we need fewer pump systems, and the systems that are rented are optimally utilized.

So, if you’re thinking about your wallet, want to be flexible and sustainable, and have no time for maintenance, you don’t have to think any longer: don’t buy a composite pump system, but rent one! We are happy to help you find the best systems for your project.