CTP is a reliable partner for the Polyester Processing Industry

CT Platon (CTP) is the distributor of composite application equipment. CTP products consist of pumping systems, spray guns, a spraying robot, and much more. CTP serves a multitude of manufacturers in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, transportation, marine, railway, oil & gas, wind turbine, among many others.

Trust in good products and a competent and reliable team!

We are your reliable partner for the GRP industry in the areas of production systems, machine trading, machine maintenance and service, and the sale of spare parts.

Our products/offers:

– Fiber spraying systems
– Fiber spray guns
– Gelcoat spraying systems
– Gelcoat spray guns
– RTM process equipment
– High-pressure systems
– Adhesive / Putty systems
– Special mechanical engineering
– Specialty guns
– Accessories

Furthermore, we maintain very good relationships with almost all suppliers for the GRP industry for raw materials, accessories and systems and are a strong partner for innovative, high-performance fiber composite components!


CTP has 50 years of experience

Along with our systems designed for composite application, CTP also has equipment that supports the foam and polyurethane industries, along with polyureas, adhesives, and epoxies. CTP has 50 years of experience serving our customers, delivering highly customized solutions that support their manufacturing needs.